Tracy was raised in Dallas, Texas and has been actively coloring since the age of four.  Creating is a process that allows for grounding and for the release of emotions.  Mark making is the one steady constant in a persistantly changing outer and inner world.


Except for Art class, Tracy was not all that interested in public school education, preferring to spend her time out side of class on art and listening to music.  Thus, after graduating from High School in the lower quarter of a class of over 2000 and with with failed SAT scores, not knowing what to do while all her friends went away to school, she worked full time and paid her way through Community College.  At Community College, Tracy's teachers took an interest in her, with their help, combined with fervent study, she attained a perfect g.p.a combined with a visual art portfolio, after 3 years she received the Community College Honors Transfer Scholarship from Southern Methodist University.


At SMU, a Bachelor of Fine Arts was obtained with a major in painting and a minor in printmaking.  SMU was significant for Tracy had the opportunity to be educated by some of the most exceptional artists in the Southern region of the United States:  Larry Scholder, Bill Komodore, Barnaby Fitzgerald, Peter Beasecker, and Tracy Hicks. While at SMU, a 'transformation of the psyche' occurred that left her forever changed and questioning the true nature of reality.