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Mine center had never been so shattered, till the day I crossed paths with you. The way your being provoked sentiments so dormant and new.


Mine eyebrows did twitch. Sensations of floating between Worlds emerged true. For a cycle around the Sun, We were elevated to the status of Gods.


Your logic and still malformed perception led me to a state of the 'false ego' being blasted into a trillion microscopic fragments. Your methodical edge entertained my post impressionable mind. Releasing you was cutting. My psyche obliterated. My soul momentarily died.


Somewhere in the heavenly cosmos, Angels mourned for blighted hope had arrived. Reality adjusted - We were never meant to be, our Worlds too incomparable, with no support from the outside.


Everything about you is carefully calculated, my polar opposite, my nemesis, a travesty in time. Yet, within a fragment of my beating, bleeding heart, while in this Earthly body, a fragment of your heart will always be in mine.