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Sometimes, I lament that I'm an artist who has been thru the institution. Tho, at the same time, my art was what got me into school, so am grateful for that opportunity. Recently reconnected with one of my Professors . . . 25 years later, when thinking about the teachers who mentored me and my work, even helped me raise my crazy self, I get teary eyed . . . how much they are missed in what felt like home in the SMU ART department! The relationships with my Professors hold SO much meaning 25 years later, realizing how deeply and profoundly they have impacted both my work and life! They will aways be a part of me and my work, which is both timeless and priceless! Bill Komodore, Tracy Hicks, Deborah Ballard, Peter Beaseker, Baranby Fitzgerald, James Sullivan, and of course the Professor I spent the most time with, my printmaking teacher Larry Scholder . . . I am always grateful!