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Three things are going on in this country, to the younger generations:  1.  A growing sense of entitlement.  2.  Unequal access to education.  3.  The distraction of technology.


Kids expect more to be handed to them, these days.  It is true.  Gen X here.  We are the last generation who mostly had to work for everything.  Upon turning 16, I asked my Dad for a car.  His next reply, was "Get a job."  Back then, my Dad could of bought me a car.  So, I started working, bought a 1970 VW bug, and paid for my own car insurance.  I was a poor working artist after graduating from college and somehow paid for and my own car insurance, phone bill, and rent.  OK every once in a while, my Mom would stop by and fill the fridge with some groceries. 


Many of the kids from the younger generations have all of the above paid for by their parents, not all . . . but many.  Am I wrong in this assessment?


Also, the way in which I grew up would be considered poor.  However, I do believe that the working poor in this country, compared to other countries, are living pretty good, especially with the services that are available.


However, once again white privilege always seems to have its way, in that economically depressed kids in the poorer parts of this country do not statistically have the same quality of education as those in the wealthier 'white' communities.  So yes, society has failed minority and poor children!  Ideally, we should all be in the street in uproar about this injustice!  Something needs to be done to address such disparity.  I will always be a true advocator of the Robin Hood Theory, steal from the rich to give to the poor.  More wealthy school districts need to have some of their perks taken away so the poorer schools can get a boost.  If this happens, wealthy parents will put up a big fuss, maybe that would pressure our government to allocate more funds for education.


I also think inner cities would benefit from after school programs.  If I was an extremely wealthy person, my dream would be to establish after school ART centers in some of the poorest communities across America.  Kids could go there for free and create music together, write and perform plays, create visual ART, have openings, and be mentored all the while.  Such activities would be a wholesome way to elevate a population that barely has a voice, poor minority kids.  You just know they have such a different perspective to offer.   I would LOVE to see what kind of creativity and thinking comes from inner city youth.


Education is the most vital ingredient to creating a transformed, just society.  Let's demand equal, creative education that encourages critical thinking, problem solving, classes on finance, on how to budget and invest for the future for ALL!  Then, after that, let's demand higher education for all.  An equivalently educated populace really could be well on its way to achieving the next Renaissance.


Again, it all comes down to redistribution of wealth, or people stepping up and coming together more on a community level to provide quality programs to the people around them, right in their neighborhoods.  Below is a link to a video about a man doing something radical in South Central Los Angeles.  Ron Finley is my hero!


Finally, the technology boom that we are all witnessing, I do think will fizzle out a bit.  People hopefully will swing back around to creating with their hands, instead of swiping and poking around on devices.  Right now, we are all a bit distracted!  Technology is an awesome tool for research and for getting good information out to the masses!  We need to take more breaks tho and do what Mr. Finley is doing, put our hands in the dirt and grow some food together!