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Before acknowledging all the horrors I personally experienced as a female, I will first express something positive. The energy here on this planet does feel like we are slowly achieving a genuine balance between masculine and feminine energies. We are slowly moving away from a patriarchal system, as we do so females are stepping up and achieving more inner confidence, recognition, and power. Through it all, it is important to see men as wounded as women have been throughout history. I really feel each and every one of us, as we are working through our individual stuff, we are also participating in this great re-balancing between the masculine and feminine here on Planet Earth!


Going back into history, all the way to primitive man, I can understand how women got subjected in their roles, as primal women were just having baby after baby to literally keep the tribe alive. Hooray for the Industrial Revolution, the true time period turn around for the women's movement, sad that so much slavery and subjugation had to be made in history to get to this turning point! 1920 launched the womens’ right to vote. Then, the 60’s propelled us even further into several pivotal new laws pushing forward ever more towards greater equality between the sexes. NOW was formed in 1966, organizing women together. In 1963 the Federal Equal Pay Act, in 1964 the Civil Rights Act, in 1974 the Equal Credit Act, and now we are tackling sexual harassment, from the 80’s until present day.


Wow! I had not been so crazy and out there in my twenties, and had the mind to take advantage of some of the sexual harassment laws, I would be loaded! My twenties were a living nightmare, not only having to deal with my unbalanced self, but the attention that men gave was pretty appalling most of the time. I hated men and actually did not want to have much to do with them, unless they were gay, really glad those days are over. Every time I see an attractive young girl, typically my first reaction is to feel sorry for her, and my second reaction is hoping that she in being taught to show aggression back towards unwanted attention. Whether aggression is a good thing or a bad thing . . . I dunno? Back in the day, anger and my middle finger saved my life, at least a good, solid couple of times. It is really important that young women are taught how to stand up to sexual aggressors, that they learn how to call out men who abuse them, whether they be men of the same age or older, maybe even take some self defense lessons if they end up in a tricky situation. If I had a daughter, I would pay special attention on teaching her how to be safe and explaining to her what inappropriate boundaries are and how to deal with and report those who have crossed them.


Sometimes I am shocked, when driving by the University and looking at what some of these young women are wearing, um yeah they need to make it a bit easier on themselves and cover up, just a little. Tho, back in the day, I was pursued in jeans and an over sized t-shirt, still . . . if I had a daughter and knew that she was wearing shorts where her butt was hanging out, or if she was walking around campus in a bikini, I would not be happy! We need to teach young girls that being classy can be a really good thing! The Kardashians just need to fade away, what a horrible example they are setting for girls! We need to educate boys on what it is that makes a true gentleman, that it is OK to cry and be sensitive. Males and females need to forgive each other. Women need equal pay already! We need to celebrate women more who get ahead in life by using their brain and not just their body! Even I love looking at gorgeous female bodies . . . but a woman is WAY more than that.


I am so sick of the sex kitten programming. It is harming both genders! Female genitalia mutilation is horrific but so is male circumcision! Slavery is horrific and was even worse if you were a woman! Human slavery still exists. Unfortunately, human sex trafficking is a huge problem that people tend to ignore. There are even reports that young children are bought and sold for sex! There is still a ton more work to do.