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Sadly, the system is rigged my friends. Wealthy people who have joined in the billionaire ranks, in my view, are psychopathic! I read recently that, at one point, Bill Gates was making an estimated $750 million a week. I’m sure he amassed even more wealth during the Covid-19 pandemic while the rest of us have gone from living paycheck to paycheck, to barely living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes even rationing our food supplies, with even more people moving back in with their families.


The cycle of poverty is difficult to break. The system is set up for those who are top, to stay on top. In some ways, I actually believe that milking the system is kind of OK because the elite rob us every day. Is this wrong for me to feel this way?  I once heard a statistic from Bernie Sanders, that when the minimum wage was formulated in the late 30’s, if they kept the minimum wage rising naturally, the minimum wage should be approximately $35 dollars an hour now. That is how much has been stolen from us.


The Catholic bishops are correct in saying that the level of inequality in income and wealth in our society is morally unacceptable! We need to no longer support narcissistic celebrities, politicians, and mega corporations who steal from us all. We need a redistribution of wealth NOW from the top one-fifth to the lowest one-fifth in this country. If the elite will not do this on their own accord, WE need to take it from them, maybe by legally making it unlawful to amass so much wealth. No one needs to be a billionaire. . . . what is up with that. Blatant ego is what that is! The elite are spoiled children of GOD who are ruining peoples lives and even the natural Earth with their greed and need for power. We need to take these resources back and give this planet and it’s people a spiritual upgrade, to help feed the 50 million Americans who are hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, and an equal education for all, level the playing field already. Make the World more just and humane already!


I once worked as a care giver for an extremely wealthy Jewish man who has become a good friend. He has taught me much about money and respecting resources, valuable lessons. One of the first things he told me, “Why do you think they do not teach finance in education . . . because they do not want you to know how to use money and how the system works.” The rich want to stay rich.