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Spoiler Alert: Am a total Star Wars Fan . . . this last set of films directed by J.J. Abrams are my favorites. The actors are great, all perfect for their parts, really appreciate that the main hero is female! Loved the final film, thought it was awesome, especially in 3d, BUT the ending was absolutely heartbreaking! I can not handle anymore romantic trragedy for the rest of my days, wether it be in real life or in film!  The Star Wars franchise needs to give this last movie a redo and give us all our happy ending.  Ben and Rey need a life together. I get it.  Both these kids are masters. They are one, so Ben is always a part of Rey.  Ben made the ultimate act of Love thru self sacrifice was beautiful and all BUT STILL, it pretty much adds to the bitterness that I experience in my own unfulfilled romantic life, not to make it all about me or anything lol.  Also, where was Yoda this time?  Finally, at the end when Rey introduced her self as Rey Skywalker, instead of just seeing Leah and Luke, it would of been nice to see the entire Jedi crew there in spirit!