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The Game of Thrones phenomenon is interesting, and I get it, not everyone GOT into it. For all of us kids who were sci-fi/fantasy nerds, grew up going to Ren Fares, or who are huge Tolkien fans, Game of Thrones was an obvious choice to mindlessly give up time to. George R. R. Martin, also a huge Tolkien fan, did a worthy job of constructing complex characters that often had Tolkien-esque elemental superpowers, that after 7 seasons many viewers got attached to. Jon Snow was the character that I personally bonded to, the humble, handsome hero, in the final show his actions actually sent me into a deep depression for a couple of days ! In the scene where he kisses his Queen, his love, his blood, in the gloomy desicrated backdrop featuring the iron throne, then at the same time stabs her, his actions triggered my own romantic tragedy that played out when my heart was not yet completely broken and projected my own otherworldly ideals onto another. Jon Snow's character is a reminder that what the heart wants and what ones actual fate is, are often two separate timelines. To carry in your heart love lost until death, the burden of the denial of ideals, as one lives out the complexities of their actual karmic fate is what Jon Snow represents. Real life can be heavey. Also, Bran as King, did not see that coming, but in the end, I am satisfied with him as King. He is the best choice. Yes! He is a weirdo and not understood completely, but the most enlightened ones usually elicit such reactions.