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Went to my first printmaking class today in over 2 decades, at Pima Community College, why I've waited SO long to further my work in an official class setting, do not know BUT SO excited, feels so good to be around fellow art nerds and around presses again ! In class, had a tinge of sadness and a tear in my eye tho, for recently found out that my ALL time favorite professor Larry Scholder, who taught me and so many others printmaking at SMU passed away in 2018. Of course my new teacher at Pima knows who Larry Schoulder is, mentioned his name. Larry IS the best, a dedicated Art Professor and maker, super humble and when we discussed how he was an Art Professor . . . he told me, "Ha ha I fooled them again." LOL cuz he knew he had an awesome life with that career choice and with the work he made ! Every time I run a press Larry . . . will think of you and all that you gave to your students !