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Recenty embarked on a 3 day journey to Sedona, Arizona to attend a conference:  "2018 The Great Awakening:  Messages from Our Galactic Family" 


The starseeds, light workers, and frequency holders are ready now for the veils to fully lift on the mass culture so they can see more clearly the truly horrific poltical corrupution, mass media manipulation, and malpractice against children in America and across the globe.  Once the masses see more into the depths of the situation we are all collectively in, then and only then can we heal and change the system more rapidly.


Speakers from the conference whose messages I found the most compelling and well put together, all with a professional background who then flipped and starting questioning reality . . . thus sparking a complete awakening and integration of a new spirituality into their lives are:


Tom Dongo


Clifford Mahooty "Grandfather"


Allison Coe


Dr. Lynn Kitei MD


Michael Horn


The real treat for me was the sharing form Clifford Mahooty, a 75 year old Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priest hood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices.  Clifford, who grew up on the reservation, became a civil/environmental engineer, then came back full swing later on his professional career to integrate his native teachings with his scientific background, was a real show stealer and inspiration!  He is now traveling the World giving lectures and sharing what Native poeple have kept secret from their white brothers and sisters, mainly native contact with the 'Star people.'