Reflecting back over my teens and twenties, realize I have suffered/still suffer from narcissistic tendencies. Clearly recognizing the quirks and shadows in my own personality during a year long crazy meltdown back in the twenties, have used many modalities over the years to heal a variety of perceived Psychosis, mostly yoga and meditation. Hopefully the narcissism is somewhat tamed now ! The World can be rather hard on narcissists and yes there are many tricky personalty traits that a skilled narcissist will utilize that are not pretty or nice. It is good to remember that narcissism often is a sign of childhood trauma ! Also, We exist in a culture that tends to propagate some of the most undesirable qualities of the human psyche and actually rewards them: ego, lust, longing for name and fame, idolizing beauty, likes on social media etc . . . so really narcissism is a quality that needs to be purged from the collective as well. Something I ask myself a lot lately: Can you truly set aside your own ego for the greater good of all ?

"Art is a ritualistic binding of the perpetual motion machine that is nature. The first artist was a tribal priest casting a spell, fixing nature's daemonic energy in a moment of perceptual stillness. Fixation is at the heart of art, fixation as stasis, and fixation as obsession." ~ Camille Paglia

Recently had a studio visit with Vytas Sakalas, really dig the intense energy in this man's work and in the man himself ! Super exciting to talk to another artist and learn of their inspiration and life stories behind their work. Rapping with another painter is especially fun for we spent a good hour simply exchanging names of other painters that we love. Vytas spends about 8 hours a day painting. I hope to have the time to get to that place someday. Anyway, who devotes that much time to painting has made it ! This is some of my favorite work from the Tucson region so far.