The Game of Thrones phenomenon is interesting, and I get it, not everyone GOT into it. For all of us kids who were sci-fi/fantasy nerds, grew up going to Ren Fares, or who are huge Tolkien fans, Game of Thrones was an obvious choice to mindlessly give up time to. George R. R. Martin, also a huge Tolkien fan, did a worthy job of constructing complex characters that often had Tolkien-esque elemental superpowers, that after 7 seasons many viewers got attached to. Jon Snow was the character that I personally bonded to, the humble handsome hero, in the final show his actions actually sent me into a deep depression for a couple of days ! In the scene where he kisses his Queen, his love, his blood, in the gloomy desicrated backdrop featuring the iron throne, then at the same time stabs her, triggered my own romantic tragedy that played out when my heart was not yet completely broken and projected my own otherworldly ideals onto another. Jon Snow's character is a reminder that what the heart wants and what ones actual fate is, are often two separate timelines. To carry in your heart love lost until death, the burden of the denial of ideals, as one lives out the complexities of their actual karmic fate is what Jon Snow represents. Real life can be heavey. Also, Bran as King, did not see that coming, but in the end am satisfied with him as King. He is the best choice. Yes ! He is a weirdo and not understood completely, but the most enlightened ones usually elicit such reactions.



Went to my first printmaking class today in over 2 decades, at Pima Community College, why I've waited SO long to further my work in an official class setting, do not know BUT SO excited, feels so good to be around fellow art nerds and around presses again ! In class, had a tinge of sadness and a tear in my eye tho, for recently found out that my ALL time favorite professor Larry Scholder, who taught me and so many others printmaking at SMU passed away in 2018. Of course my new teacher at Pima knows who Larry Schoulder is, mentioned his name. Larry IS the best, a dedicated Art Professor and maker, super humble and when we discussed how he was an Art Professor . . . he told me, "Ha ha I fooled them again." LOL cuz he knew he had an awesome life with that career choice and with the work he made ! Every time I run a press Larry . . . will think of you and all that you gave to your students !

7 years ago, I entered into an illustration project that incorporated Reiki with fairies, with a super classy lady, Ms. Heyde Class. We met in a reiki master's training class and quickly discovered how many similar traits we have, the most glaring, our mutual love for the elemental kingdom. Have learned SO much about art, energy, and myself through the process of illustrating this deck and working with Heyde who has done all the writing for the deck. A prototype for the 'The Fairy Inspiration Cards' is now complete, so we are getting closer to being published in the metaphysical capital of the World, Sedona, Arizona, so exciting !  If your interested in purchasing some individual cards with inspiring written messages, go here: .


Recenty embarked on a 3 day journey to Sedona, Arizona to attend a conference:  "2018 The Great Awakening:  Messages from Our Galactic Family" 


The starseeds, light workers, and frequency holders are ready now for the veils to fully lift on the mass culture so they can see more clearly the truly horrific poltical corrupution, mass media manipulation, and malpractice against children in America and across the globe.  Once the masses see more into the depths of the situation we are all collectively in, then and only then can we heal and change the system more rapidly.


Speakers from the conference whose messages I found the most compelling and well put together, all with a professional background who then flipped and starting questioning reality . . . thus sparking a complete awakening and integration of a new spirituality into their lives are:


Tom Dongo


Clifford Mahooty "Grandfather"


Allison Coe


Dr. Lynn Kitei MD


Michael Horn


The real treat for me was the sharing form Clifford Mahooty, a 75 year old Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priest hood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices.  Clifford, who grew up on the reservation, became a civil/environmental engineer, then came back full swing later on his professional career to integrate his native teachings with his scientific background, was a real show stealer and inspiration!  He is now traveling the World giving lectures and sharing what Native poeple have kept secret from their white brothers and sisters, mainly native contact with the 'Star people.'

I recently found an essay of mine composed for a freshman English class in college, around the year 1995, written at the age of 19.  I have always known, even at a young age, that our current system is way warped and really, it does not have to be this way!



                                                  Greed, Prejudice, Fear, Hate, Violence

They say money talks. That's funny, I've never heard it say anything.  Ha ha just kidding.  I know what they mean.  They mean that everything has a price, that you could buy anything if you have enough money.  Is this so? Could you buy the ozone layer once it is gone?  How much would it cost to buy pure air or pure water once it has all been toxified?  How many dollars would it cost to make whales plentiful again?  So, please take a deep clean breathe of fresh air while you can, look at your children and think about it.  Clearly, our civilization has a hugely warped idea of what progress really is, and that is what is screwing everything up.  It makes me want to barf.

What urge is there in us that wants everything to be the same? When something is differentwhen we do not understand why it is different, does something in us speak out, move uswanting us to reshape the unknown into a thing to completely understand? Why can't we just leave it alone, leave behind some mystery? Do we have to crush everything into an understandable little mold to be sure we have control, so it does not run around being different and out of control? Out of control is scary, but is it not more scary to have everything the same?

Once a man told me a story of how he had gone to hell. He described his suffering as hideous, almost beyond belief! "Describe it," I said. 'Hell was just himself alone with his lifelong accumulation of hideous, uglyselfish thoughts which gnawed on him, constantly reminding him of his lonely, endless, hopeless isolation.'  "This is Hell and you better believe it," he said.

A friend once explained that it take two opposing sides to make a war. If this is true, then riddle me this: If you do not want wars, how do you eliminate opposing sides without, at the same timecreating another conflict?

How many times must we go over the same road until we recognize that it is the same road we have gone over so many times before?


In a recent article that I perused through, a fairly current study shows that Facebook evokes envy.  "We need a new word to describe the mixture of extreme envy and shame Facebook evokes in its users . Multiple studies have shown that seeing the career and relationship successes, vacation photos, and other happy news from the Facebook friends leaves you jealous, depressed, and feeling like a looser, even while your glad that things are going well for them."


Also, I have observed, both by examining myself and others, that Facebook also seems to encourage narcissitic behavior.  "We are inordinately exposed to narcissists online, because narcissists have more friends. And as we’ve seen, they tend to post more as well. So while narcissistic traits or the full-blown disorder might be present in only a few percent of the population, we encounter many times that share in our news-, Twitter-, or Instagram-feeds. Facebook’s algorithms may skew that even further, as the rich (those most popular and able to garner more attention) may get richer. The online environment is skewed towards narcissism. Social media can thus be the narcissist’s wheelhouse, and once we’re in the wheelhouse, we may all be nudged towards narcissism and self-promotion, nudged towards the wild wheeeeee! of me."


The corrupt powers that be, the psychopathic elite, you know they just Absolutely Love that social media trends toward building narcissitic behavior patterns. When we are focusing on ourselves and fueling our egos by "creating our brand," for instance, there is less energy focused on unity building behaviors that would benefit the universal whole. For example, acts such as collectively planting gardens, cleaning up the planet, or most importantly, coming together to further expose the corruption in our current system and enacting policies/actions of true change, which is most definitely a group effort that falls a little bit more to the wayside when we are spending endless hours on Facebook chasing likes. By manipulatively propagating a culture that is more concerned, and actually rewards the more base aspects of the human psyche: self-image, name, fame, competition, and longing for money . . . it just seems like yet another diversion tactic utilized on the enslaved citizens by an elite class hell bent on keeping their power. I am appreciating Facebook users who use their pages to get ideas out there that support disclosure and post, as of right now, 'radical' information that encourages the waking up of the masses, rather than focusing on themselves.


I am doing Instagram these days, as a visual artist, am appreciating more of a focus on imagery.   However, have made a point out of not following anyone who has an entire feed full of mainly pictures of themselves !  Feel goods to actually spending more time making art and meditating instead of chasing likes on social media.  


I am ready for the age of the selfie to come to a close and the age of unity consciousness to fully arrive.  As the people wake up to their reality of their unseen shackles . . . hopefully then a selfless shift will happen more fully, as we will be forced to join together in order to take back our power !

"From the 1960s through the '90s, there was a huge burst of creativity among artists who used the mail to create and send artworks.  Instead of paint, canvas, etc., their mediums were postcards, envelopes, rubber stamps, and the like.  Some of the works were like miniture paintings and collages, while others were basically text art.  But what makes this movement especially interesting in today's context is that none of the works were made to be sold.  Mail art was a true "do-it-yourself' phenomenon, in which everyone found and made their own materials and the medium of exchange was the art itself.  Mail art was never meant to be bought and sold.  Some of the artists also particiapated in the art market, but the point of mail art was to cut out commerce and make art that was truly for art's sake.  It was also very much about community building.  Considering the level of commoditization we've arrived at in the Art world, it is very refreshing to see these little artworks and think about who made them and why, and where they have been."